Fire Protection Automatic Control Valves

Within our range of automatic control valves, we have specifically developed a special line of Fire Protection applications; we provided customers all over the world with such special line valves for over 25 years with a affordable and complete solution for all needs for protection of fire suppression systems.

Series Hydromodul® , approval

Hydromodul are automatic hydraulically-operated, diaphragm-actuated control valves for a variety of fire protection and fighting applications into factories and industrial yards, high-rise and public buildings, hazardous zones at oil and gas facilities, power plants, refineries.
  • Sizes: Sizes: DN50 - 2" / DN 800 - 32"
  • Pressure ranges: 0.5-25 bar - ISO: PN 25
  • Working temperature: up to 80°C (176°F) - water
  • End connections: flange
Series Idromembrana® , approval

diaphragm-actuated family of valves blends simple, dependable construction with superior performance for a variety of water control applications, like deluge, float control, pressure reducing and

  • Sizes: DN 50-2" / DN 500 - 20"
  • Pressure ranges: 0.5-16 bar - ISO: PN 16
  • Working temperature: up to 80°C (176°F) - water
  • End connections: flange or thread

Fire Protection and Fire Fighting Plants:

Typical Control Applications:
Electrically controlled Deluge Valves, Electrically controlled Deluge Valves with Manual Reset.

Other Deluge Applications are available on request.

Our control valves are also available with other various control applications for water level control, pumping system control, water-hammer protection.

Main References :

- Gran St. bernard Tunnel (Switzerland and Italy)
- Frejus TGV Train Tunnel (Italy and France)
- Biodiesel refinery - Portugal
- Ras Laffan Oil Refinery - Qatar